Professional Leadership Training for the 

Digital Age

Digital transformation is essentially a people & leadership thing first. Based on our international network of digital transformation specialists and our distillation of best industry practices, we have designed a range of learning experiences focussed on creating and supporting the next generation of digital leaders and project professionals. Our courses focus on the mindset, skills and competencies the next generation of leaders will need to deliver the organisational change and transformative projects that will leverage the opportunities and manage the risks of the new digital age. 

2019 Courses

ICAgile Certified Agile Professional




2 Days

Agile Principles

Mindset, Values 

Incremental development

Customer focus 

Agile Frameworks

Expert course leader 


Hehsed Innovation Matrix (HIM™)



3 days 

Comprehensive introduction to the 3 key areas (Design Thinking, Lean & Agile) for modern working practices that drives innovation, growth & customer satisfaction.

Lean Startup


2 days

Limitless concepts

Free fonts

Creative Layouts

Free Support

Expert Reviews

Community access

Design Thinking


2 Days

Design Thinking has taken the world by storm. ,……. 


Meet our training team leaders

Software isn’t eating the world, Agility is! The need for organisational adaptability to an increasingly complex world, where disruption is consistently mentioned at boardroom level as both a threat and an opportunity. Agile, as a mindset and approach to work, has rapidly gained popularity across a range of industries and not just the Information Technology space. Agile’s focus on collaborative, lean and empirical methods has produced some stunning success stories. Under the umbrella of helping organisation become more agile we have designed courses focused on Design Thinking, Lean StartUp and Agile Mindset. Hehsed has partnered with a global leader in Agile certification and accreditation (ICAgile™) to bring a series of training and learning support resources to ensure your Agile journey is successful both for your organisation’s individuals and teams.

Sarah Sharpe

Creative Director

Johnny Lucas

Lead Designer

Amanda Feros

Marketing Expert

Cameron O’Connor

Agile People Director