With the continued rise and heavy usage of mobile devices globally by the general populace, Mobile marketing and advertising are critical and essential aspects of every Marketer and Business Organizations. Discover how to effectively leverage mobile technologies for integrated and engaging communications with your potential customers and current customers through all the point of sales journey.

This course will provide a good overview and understanding of the basics in starting a successful mobile advertising campaign to achieve marketing goals and ROI. Also, in this course, we will explore what pitfalls to avoid and how to ensure targets.

This course aims to provide a direct and practical guide to use mobile technology and devices to reach out to new customers globally. It will also cover:

  • How to engage and entice customers to your firm’s services and products.
  • How to filter and focus only on your business key target audiences.
  • How to ensure ROI and measurement of success.
  • How to effectively buy mobile media and know all the various touch points.
  • How to integrate mobile advertising to all your current advertising plans.  
  • Creating mobile profiles and databases of your clients and how to re-target them.


What the course will cover:

  • Mobile Advertising basics and facts
  • Mobile Audiences in Asia and Singapore. Consumer behavior and reaction in Mobile
  • Legal advertising laws in mobile advertising
  • How to engage audiences in Mobile mediums
  • Marketing Mix using mobile devices and combining to overall digital or advertising strategy
  • What are the advantages of Mobile advertising and the limits
  • What forms of Mobile Advertising can be done and accepted by audiences
  • To prepare mobile campaigns while keeping marketing objectives
  • How to buy media? What is the average costs and control
  • Mobile advertising metrics: CPC, CPM, CPI, CPA and CPS
  • Mobile advertising forms of Banner, Video and Native, SMS/MMS and what formats works best
  • What is Programmatic and traditional media buying.
  • Who are the players and roles they hold? Is it better to DIY or have a managed service for advertising?
  • How to measure success and responses
  • Building a mobile database for re-targeting
  • B2B and B2C focus. Creating a long term strategy and how to effectively utilize mobile interactive technologies in marketing communications
  • Entire scope of Mobile Advertising Eco-system
  • What are the typical problems and concerns: viewability, transparency, avoiding fraud traffic and users
  • Evaluation and continuity for Mobile Advertising
  • What the future holds