Course Introduction:

Google Data Studio is a powerful and user-friendly drag and drop tool that allows a multitude of different dashboards and reports to be created in minutes. The addition of powerful filters, chart widgets and styling options produces stunning visualizations that will take your data analysis to the next level. Data can be connected from a variety of sources including Google Analytics, Ads, Search Console, sheets, MySQL databases and BigQuery.

Google Data Studio is available for free to anyone with a Google or Gmail account. In addition reports and dashboards can be shared to any users whether they have a Google account or not.

This course will cover all the key concepts and get you quickly up to speed with creating your own reports, dashboards and visualizations using Google Data Studio.

Course Outline:


  • Introduction & Benefits
  • Setting up Google Data Studio
  • Principles of data visualization
  • Interface features
  • Dimensions and metrics

Module 2: REPORTS

  • Connecting data sources, including Google Analytics and Google Sheets
  • Creating your first Google Data Studio report


  • Adding a date range
  • Adding tables and chart widgets
  • Adding a filter control
  • Using filters
  • Layout and styling
  • Adding pages


  • Marketing dashboard
  • B2B dashboard
  • Conversion dashboard
  • Ecommerce dashboard
  • Content dashboard
  • Social dashboard


  • Publishing & sharing dashboards
  • Exporting
  • User permissions

Module 6: ADVANCED

  • Calculated fields
  • Working with Google Sheets
  • Blending data from different sources
  • Additional options

Learning Methodology:

Experiential methods of learning will be applied to enable participants to learn and practice the concepts and skills taught during the programme:

  • Mini-lectures
  • Case studies
  • Group discussions
  • Role-plays
  • Quizzes
  • Videos

Learning Outcomes:

  • How to connect Data Studio to Google Sheets
  • Learn how to calculate Averages, Highest values, Lowest Values and number of Unique Values
  • Create Scorecards to display key metrics and KPIs
  • Create powerful trend analysis graphs to help with forecasting
  • Create Year to Date, Month to Date and Previous Month calculations with the click of a mouse button
  • Learn to gain powerful analysis from Stacked Bar and 100% graphs
  • Create powerful Time and Category filters to easily create interactive reports
  • Learn to share your Reports and Dashboards with other users