Course Introduction:

According to Statista’s latest report, Google holds over 90% of search engine market share.

Google Display Ad campaigns can put your brands, products and services in front of customers as they are browsing any website within Google’s display ad network.

Understanding Google Display and setting up best practices for display campaigns is important so as to maximise the ROI from your ad campaigns. This double certification-level workshop will cover the fundamentals in Google Display advertising.


As this is an advanced-level workshop conducted over 1 day, participants should first have completed the 2 Days Google Ads Fundamentals Certification before attending this course. Participants will be fast-tracked through the Google Search curriculum and guided towards obtaining their Google Search Advertising certification at the end of the day.


1. Google Ads Fundamentals Refresher

  • Organizing campaigns and ads in your account
  • Using keyword matching options
  • Account, campaign and ad group performance
  • Refresher on understanding and optimizing Quality Score Landing page quality factors
  • Understanding ad position, Ad Rank, maximum and actual cost-per-click (CPC)
  • Understand the value of Google Display Network (GDN) GDN and YouTube on mobile devices, tablets and computers
  • Benefits for branding and direct response advertisers

2. Display Ad Formats

  • Ad Formats for Display
  • Tips for creating successful display ads
  • Intro to Video campaigns, Shopping campaigns and Product Listing Ads Using Dynamic Search Ads
  • Using the Display Ad Gallery Best practices for display ads
  • Ad Extensions

3. Ads Targeting

  • Keyword research using the Google Ads Keyword Planner Location, Device, Geographic, Schedule, IP targeting
  • How to plan a GDN campaign
  • Enhanced campaigns
  • Best practices for direct response campaigns

4. Implementing a Display Campaign

  • Creating a new display campaign Targeting for your new campaign
  • Keyword contextual targeting Placement and topic targeting Interest targeting
  • Remarketing
  • Using the Display Planner
  • Setting bidding for display campaigns

5. Display Advertising on YouTube

  • Display Advertising on YouTube
  • Why YouTube Advertising?
  • The value of YouTube advertising
  • Understanding where ads run on YouTube
  • YouTube ad formats
  • YouTube media purchase options
  • Planning and Implementing a YouTube campaign
  • Creating video ads with Google Ads for video
  • CPM, CPC and CPV bidding
  • Setting up auction-based vs. reservation campaigns
  • Location and language targeting
  • Planning and implementing a brand channel
  • Creating Ads for YouTube
  • Google tools to generate creatives for YouTube
  • Google Ads for video
  • Tips for creating a video ad
  • Measuring Performance for YouTube Advertising

6. Ads Bidding & Budgeting

  • Bidding and Budgets Tools
  • CPC vs eCPM bidding
  • Enhanced cost-per-click (ECPC)
  • Conversion optimizer and cost-per-acquisition (CPA) bidding

7. Campaign Reporting

  • Performance Monitoring and Reporting
  • Explore your search network performance data on the Campaigns tab
  • Customize your performance data
    • Use columns to find specific performance data
    • Create, save and schedule reports
  • Evaluate ad performance on the search network
    • Attribution reports and conversion data
  • Measure placement performance on the Display Network
  • Measuring reach and frequency
  • Measuring geographic performance
  • Measuring and comparing performance by periods of time
  • Using the Home tab to track your performance
  • Using labels in Google Ads
  • Use segments to view performance data
  • Understanding the Search terms report
  • Measure ad extensions performance
  • Using Google Ads Editor for efficient management and reporting
  • Optimizing Performance, Profitability and Growth

8. Optimizing Performance, Profitability and Growth

  • The Opportunities tab
  • Campaign Experiments
  • Custom ad scheduling
  • Using dynamic keyword insertion
  • Get ideas to improve your account
  • Understand budget impact on profit
  • Learn the fundamentals of performance-based bidding
  • How to estimate conversion value

9. Google Display Advertising Certification

  • Display Advertising Certification Exam Revision
  • Display Advertising Exam

Learning Outcomes:

  • Be certified in Google Display Advertising
  • Understand inbound marketing, search and the customer journey to conversion Learn how to connect with customers with search and micro-moments
  • Understand the fundamental concepts and best practices for Google Display Advertising
  • Discover the fundamentals, strategies and tactics for running successful display ads on Google Display Network (GDN), YouTube and mobile devices
  • Learn how to set goals, budgets and bid strategies for Display campaigns
  • Understand when and how to use other advanced bidding options including conversion optimiser or CPM bidding
  • Self-diagnose and troubleshoot campaign setup problems
  • Know how to measure performance and effectiveness across Google Display campaigns