Course Introduction:

Google Mobile Ads help you to reach audiences on-the-go. Mobile ads appear on mobile devices in Google search results, on content websites, in apps and videos. This AdWords Mobile Advertising course covers the strategies and tactics for running mobile targeted campaigns through AdWords.

At the end of this course, participants will undertake a 120 mins online Mobile Advertising certification exam.


As this is an advanced-level workshop conducted over 1 day, participants should first have completed the 2 Days Google Ads Fundamentals Certification before attending this course. Participants will be fast-tracked through the Google Search curriculum and guided towards obtaining their Google Search Advertising certification at the end of the day.


Module 1: Introduction to Online Advertising & Google AdWords for Mobile

  • Introduction to AdWords for Mobile
    • Features
    • Benefits
    • Basic terminology

Module 2: Preparing to Go Mobile (GoMo)

  • Mobile vs. responsive, site testing, best practices

Module 3: Researching Keywords for Mobile Campaigns

  • Building a keyword list
  • AdWords Keyword Tool
  • Keyword match types including negative keywords

Module 4: Structuring Mobile Search Campaigns

  • Creating a campaign, step-by-step
  • Location and languages
  • Bidding and budgeting for mobile
  • Ad settings
  • Leveraging ad extensions
  • Location extensions – location, call extensions, click-to-call, mobile sitelinks and others

Module 5: Creating Mobile Search Ads

  • Mobile ads overview – search ads, display ads, app promotion ads
  • Mobile ad tips

Module 6: Expanding Campaigns with Mobile Display Advertising

  • Moving beyond Search
  • Building awareness with display advertising

Module 7: Creating Mobile Display Ads

  • Display ad formats
  • Display ad builder

Module 8: Mobile Campaign Management Best Practices

  • Optimising mobile campaigns

Module 9: Mobile Reporting & Conversion Tracking

  • Goal / Ecommerce / Adwords conversion tracker setup for mobile
  • Mobile campaign reporting

Module 10: Google AdWords – Mobile Advertising exam

Learning OutcomeS:

  • Be certified in Google Mobile Advertising
  • Advertising opportunities in the increasingly important mobile ecosystem
  • Five key steps to mobile purchase and how to optimise your AdWords account
  • Mobile website vs. app – benefits and optimisation techniques
  • Keyword research, creative, ads and landing page optimisation for mobile
  • Mobile campaign conversion tracking & optimisation best practices