Is your company an Agile Organization? (Part 1 of Hehsed Digital Human Capital Framework)

As most companies are driving change through digital transformation, the urgency of understanding and leveraging on the Agile methodology is key! In the latest Deloitte’s research show that “redesigning our organization to be more digital and responsive” is now the #1 global trend around the world. (59% of the respondent rated it as URGENT)

It is vital to ensure Agility is in the fabric of the organization and well rooted in its culture. An agile organization consists of people who are highly collaborative, innovative, aligned, transparent with each other and highly empowered. Each member knows why, what and how to execute their part in the roll out and execution of a project and task. There is such a high level of empowerment among the team member such that each takes accountability for the progression and success of any task they undertake.

Innovation and Design Thinking are key element and well matted in its culture. All the digital initiatives will eventually impact the top and bottom line as well as employee engagement and branding. Customer experience and Customer journey will be top on the agenda in every innovative discussion.

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Francis Goh

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